Do you know what a «vital» site is?

And what is for you a "website development"? For me it's something ... a piece of me, which reflects my essence, my idea, and my thoughts on the web. Perhaps, it’s exactly what should distinguish each site from each other. It should have an idea, a concept, and a small part of the owner of the resource. Unfortunately, it’s often far otherwise. Websites are created by standard templates for standard purposes. They just don’t have it, don’t have any idea ... there are a lot of such websites on web. They come and go, come and go ... come ... and go ... it’s sad. After all, they're "dead".

Let’s skip back to the point – we make "vital" websites. We do not like to make websites by template. During each web project team is going through with the client. If the client still has not fully understood the concept of their future resource - we can help. For us, the most important thing is to get the idea from the client what he wants to bring to the audience, and the rest part we will do for him. Our team consists of experts in different fields, with different knowledge and approaches. We don’t have any "universal soldiers" who will do all the work from design to testing. Each task is totally individual and it’s fulfilled by experts with the necessary skills and knowledge. Each project is being operated by 2- 8 people, in some individual cases are formed bigger teams. We are ready to develop projects in various CMS. It does not matter in what area the next resource will work. We are passionate about the project as you are and will do everything BADly good.

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