Professional photography is an art!

Photography is not a sport - it has no rules. We're trying to think outside the box and see the photo shoot object "from a different angle." Our company offers services of image processing (retouching) and organizing photo shoots. Our photographers have extensive experience in working with objects (object photo shoot). For many years we’ve accumulated invaluable experience in working with various objects that can be electronic equipment or decoration and building materials, and many others. We’ve experimented with different shooting techniques, different photo equipment – and have received very interesting results.

We have a lot of experience working with people. In this direction the work is much more difficult, because a big part of the result depends on the model. We will create an environment in which you will feel comfortable and easy. You can get more detailed information by talking to our photographers, and you can find some of our works on portrait photography on our website.

We’re shooting film camera photography. It requires higher knowledge in theory and practice from the photographer. This makes you think before you make a frame, because films are usually so small. But this is, of course, a charm of these photos.

We make interactive photos for our clients. We will show your product in all its glory, from all sides. You can find some examples on our site.

If you desire something unusual and creative - fill out the form below and leave any of your contact with any your question, you can also attach a photo directly to the wishes or files for processing. On our part, we will do everything that you would stick with us forever, in a good way, of course.

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