Mobile app development

Our works

We help companies to take full advantage of their opportunities. Our team generates ideas that give tangible results. We know how to find new ways for your development, relying on a strategic instinct and design skills.

The Fooder

Our designers and developers have made user-friendly application, which includes a simplegrocery list with synchronization and thousands of delicious recipes. You can make your shopping list, find a cool recipe by ingredients and create a culinary masterpiece with your own hands.


We’ve developed a design concept of application that displays items at 360° with the help of "Twist-Twirl" service


Was build user interaction (UI) scenario and interface solution for mobile app store "Vkraske".

Protobuf converter

Was build a library for converting objects of your domain model into Google Protobuf messages and vice versa.
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Frequently asked questions

One of the most promising and underdeveloped field is the mobile application market. Nowadays, smartphones and tablet computers have become an integral part of life nearly of every person all over the world.

This growing popularity of mobile gadgets provides enormous opportunities for companies to provide their customers with unlimited access to the necessary information resources about the goods or services provided at any convenient place. Mobile application development greatly expands consumer audience, in an original way represents new product, lets you to stand out from the competition, and most importantly, effectively increases sales because of the convenient format of presented information, adapted to the specific portable devices.


  • «For what platforms do you develop mobile applications?»

    - We develop for the Android platform.
  • «I already have a mobile application; can you modify it and provide the further technical support?»

    - Yes of course.
  • «Do you develop design for mobile applications?»

    - Yes, we specialize in the development of unique design for mobile applications, according to your wishes, as well as the specifics of the product or provided service.
  • «How much does the mobile application cost? How long will it take?

    - We can answer these questions only after receiving project specification.

What we do not do: we are not engaged in the development of mobile applications that in any way violate copyright or infringe on someone else’s intellectual property, as well as contain information of forbidden nature.