We are actively working on functionality and promotion of this app. Right now, The Fooder - is:
  • an aggregator of recipes using intelligent search for more than 100 000 recipes
  • tool for making and sharing
  • shopping lists with your friends
The application contains information about the ingredients and recipes from all over the world and helps to make list of products which you want to buy in the supermarket, monitor the availability of the products at home and prepare your favorite dishes with easy recipes.

Create shopping lists

Developed functionality allows you to create lists of products, specify the quantity of the selected items, select the unit of measurement and mark the items which you have already put in your shopping cart. This shopping list will help you with purchase planning and you will not get stuck in the middle of the store with a thought what have I forgotten this time. What an excellent alternative to traditional paper lists.

Built-in cookbook

For those who loves cooking we have added to the application a large catalog of recipes for holidays and every day. You’ll be able to cook delicious dishes from what you have at hand or behind your refrigerator door, as well as to instantly add all the needed products to the shopping list.
  • Most of the recipes have their description, history, prehistory of how this dish appeared, or even customs and traditions connected with consumption of this dish in some countries

  • Every dish has sections such as "ingredients" and step by step cooking instructions.

  • For some recipes there is also a video available, on which you can have a look immediately. And after that you’ll surely learn how to cook that particular dish

In-app purchases

In the app was also added extra functionality for fee. By subscribing, the user gets the opportunity to share shopping lists with other people and collaborate on them together. And VIP-Support becomes available also that is, we answer any questions and solve any problems faced by user.

Tasty icons

Especially for this app we have designed a unique set of icons.